About Me

Hello, I’m Lananh Nguyen Anh. Shortened, you may call me: Lan.
I’ve studied Communication and Multimedia Design at the Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Hague.

Currently I’m looking for a job in UX/UI design!

UX/UI design love affair

Designing with the ability to use my creative mind for solving problems is one of the main reasons I fell in love with User Experience Design. I love to design for people and making the design user-friendly as possible.

The thing that makes my approach for a project different from anybody else’s is that I will always try out lots of different options and possibilities while looking for the best fitting solutions. The key along the journey is choosing the best fitting solution. It’s like choosing your favorite flavor ice cream!

Understanding, empathizing and doing profound user research is one of the main starting points during the design process. While, making wireframe sketches on paper I already have some thoughts on the way how people should interact with the interfaces. I try to create unforgettable experiences. The end-user should always be involved during the whole design process.