You are looking for someone who has a passion for UX/UI design, someone who could solve all your design challenges with a fresh perspective and give you new insights in user needs by doing user research and user testing.

A person who is open to explore, likes to grow and wants to become better in her profession. Somebody who is enthusiastic, empathetic and eager to learn new techniques or tools.


Hello, I’m Lananh Nguyen Anh. Shortened, you may also call me: Lan. I’ve studied Communication and Multimedia Design at the Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Hague.

Currently I’m looking for a job in UX/UI design! All of the above fits the description of me. You could also download my resume here!

Designing with the ability to use my creative mind for solving problems is one of the main reasons I fell in love with User Experience Design. I love to design for people and making the design user-friendly as possible. Understanding, empathizing and doing profound user research is one of the main starting points of the design process. While, making wireframe sketches on paper I already have some thoughts on the way how people should interact with the interfaces. I try to create unforgettable experiences. The end-user should always be involved during the whole design process.

The thing that makes my approach for a project different from anybody else’s is that I will always try out lots of different options and possibilities while looking for the best fitting solutions. The key along the journey is choosing the best fitting solution. It’s like choosing your favourite flavour ice cream!

But take this into consideration:


  • I’m very enthusiastic, always have a smile on my face and a positive attitude. Most of the time I’m ‘hopping around’ instead of walking.
  • If you give me a pencil, some paper and scissors, I can create paper prototypes for you within minutes.
  • I make sure I’m well prepared while working on projects. I also tend to be really focused and concentrated when diving into the design process.


  • My desk seems to be a little bit messy, cluttered and disorganised most of the time but it helps me think more creatively.
  • I love using lots of colourful post-it notes, they are seriously sticking everywhere I go.
  • I love baking cupcakes, cookies and cakes in my spare time. I’d probably bring some sweet treats to the office now and then. (So soon to be colleagues, be warned!)

What are you waiting for?

Sounds great, right? The only question is, are you ready for a creative person to join your awesome team? Because I’m happy to connect with you.

Let’s connect!