Besides designing interactive experiences for digital platforms, I also like to express my creativity by drawing. Along the design process I used some UX-methods and techniques. For the office of my previous internship, I made a huge drawing on the wall. Fun fact: ‘Sometimes I was so deeply concentrated working my magic on the wall that I didn’t even realise that my colleagues were talking to me.’

Curious about the end result? I’m happy to show you the whole process.

The assignment: Wall drawing for the DTT-office

With this kind of projects, I can truly express all my creativity. The challenge for me is to really show what the company D-TT multimedia is all about. It is also something I give back to the company. A permanent forever standing piece of art on the walls of the office so they will be always reminded of me and my time during the internship. The width of the wall where I did the drawing on is more than seven meters.

Research and ideation

“What should I draw on a canvas with a width of more than seven meters?” That was my first thought. The client for this project is the director of the company. By looking at the values and appearance of the company I wrote down a few key words that would represent the company. The typical Amsterdam canals and beautiful canal buildings are one of the first things I implemented into the drawing, this is because the location of the company. It is located at the inner center of the city Amsterdam. The company also works for a lot of different clients. The bond the company has with its clients is also very important factor. I like to play with little details in the drawing, this is a signature style of mine. Besides asking what the director would like to see, I also went asking colleagues from other departments what they would like to see on the walls. With all the input, I decided to do a segmentation of the findings. Then I started to sketch. I wasn’t satisfied with the first sketches, the process of searching for the right style of illustrations and making a decision to continue with a certain style is one of the hardest parts.

Design and drawing on the wall

When all the pieces of the sketches are falling into place, I scanned the work in. With the program Adobe Illustrator, I continued my adventure to create something beautiful. Making different versions of the design and choosing the best out of them all has cost more time than I had expected. It was difficult for me to come up with the best suiting solution to fill in the whole wall. When the final drawing was approved, the part where most effort required began. Putting the drawing from my laptop onto the wall.

Luckily, I borrowed a beamer for this part. The drawing was cut into smaller sections and then projected onto the wall with the beamer. This is because the beamer didn’t reach the entire range of the wall. I struggled a lot to get the drawing projected. When the projected drawing was placed on the wall I went over the lines with a pencil. After all the lines were covered, they could be coloured in with black paint marker. Most of the little details in the painting I needed to do without the beamer because those parts where too small and specific for the projection to get it right.

This is the final result of the wall. I decided to only use black paint because there are already lots of things going on. Adding more colours to the painting will create too much distractions. This way the painting gives a stronger impression.