During the course Service Design in the third year of my studies, a service must be invented to tackle a social problem. We could choose from existing problems to design a service for, but there was also the choice to pick our own subject. This service will support the days between unemployment and work for the society. The name of the platform is: ‘Work at perspective’ because that will be the main goal for the users.

Wondering how we came up with the idea to help the unemployed get through the heavy period of unemployment?

The assignment: Help solving a social issue by designing a service

For the course Service design, we worked on designing a service. For the most of us it was the first time designing a service. This project was done in project groups.


First, we searched for a social problem. After a few brainstorm sessions we finally chosen a domain. This is the domain: unemployment. We think it’s an interesting subject where we’d like to delve into and explore further.

To gather insights about the target group of unemployed, we did some interviews. For interviewing we used a probe, we asked our participants to draw a timeline of how their regular day looks like. During the drawing we asked about specific points in the timeline. We asked them why they did those chores and how they felt when doing them. We also went to see a number of employment agencies to get insights in how they’re help people getting back on track. In addition to field research, we did some desk research as well. The main findings are brought together to form a new concept.

Ideation and design

The concept will help jobseekers bridge their unemployed period. The person comes into contact with the service via various channels. Through search results on Google, advertising, social media and more. The first time using the platform will include watching videos, reading the forum and relevant information. Information about the application can also be found on the website. When the person registers, he gets deeper access to the service.

The website provides practical information and references to downloading the app. In the app are more functionalities that helps the unemployed get his life on track.

1. Respond to forum or post a message.

2. Match with other jobseekers or find a mentor who will support him or her.

3. Appointments can be made at meeting places, social events and internships can be visited.

The concept is visualised in the service blueprint, which is shown below. The touch points, actions and other interactions that are relevant to our service are included in this visualisation. The blueprint is subdivided into different sections such as front / backstage, support process, customer experience and physical evidence. In addition, the blueprint clearly shows which actions the user goes through. This makes it clear what the user is faced with, which processes he / she sees and which touch points he / she (can) use. You can also download the service blueprint in pdf to take a better look by clicking on the image of the service blueprint.